Books: one high literary standard, many audiences

White Mountain Poems
Poetry worth remembering.
Pictures you will return to.

More White Mountain Poems
More poetry worth remembering.
More photos to return to.

Harold the Helpful Hiker
Education, character development, and enjoyment for your child.

Harold Leaps into Lake Winnie
Another enjoyable Harold adventure entertains and informs your child.

Under and Over the Snow
Your child follows forest animals as they learn about winter.

The Dropout
A novel about redemption from an unwanted teen.

I Am Bill Gates’ Dog
A novel about how big money buys a good image.

Ad Man in the Games of 2046
A novel following a hero in a corrupt future world.

The story of the people who invented computer chips (nonfiction)

The VC Way
The ways venture capitalists choose winning investments (nonfiction)