More White Mountain Poems

As a sequel and companion to White Mountain Poems, the book More White Mountain Poems conveys the beauty, grandeur, mystery and charm of New England’s high peaks. The art book contains 69 poems by Jeffrey Zygmont, written to create a lasting literary tribute to the mountains. The 34 accompanying photographs — presented as high-resolution, large-format images — evoke the same awe and admiration for the mountains that the poems express. Together, the poems and photographs capture the solemn, majestic nature of the landscape, while they celebrate the mountains’ many inspiring attributes. Jeffrey Zygmont composes poetry to appeal to a wide, general audience, depicting scenes, images, activities and experiences that resonate with common readers. Distinguished by its lavish photographs and artful design, More White Mountain Poems is a keepsake for New Hampshire residents, visitors and admirers, and an appealing companion volume to the book White Mountain Poems.

$19.95 / Hardcover / 72 pages / 8.5 by 8.5 inches Buy it direct from the publisher